13 July 2010


w przepastnej szafie
ogrody na sukienkach
za nimi w pudełkach
ułożone do snu
stare marzenia
przewiązane wstążką


  1. Hi Dorota!!

    I have just read your sweet words at my fabric basket. Thanks!!
    Wow, your style is simply unique! I adore the images and the uniqueness of your blog.
    I would LOVE to understand the words that come along the beautiful blue painting above...the boat, the moom, the ocean...I am here, on the other side of the ocean trying to figure what that means...
    Have a day full of joy, newest friend Dorota!
    Beijos, Bela.

  2. Your painting is so great!!!
    I would like to see more your painting:)



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