20 October 2010

bathroom (S)

President Beige 33,3x50cm - Cersanit
President Salmon 33,3x50cm - Cersanit
President Mozaika mix 33,3x33,3cm - Cersanit
Presido Salmon 33,3x33,3cm - Cersanit
Mogano Brown Mozaika 30x30cm - Paradyż


  1. the space is utilized so well.......n the way you have covered it through your shots is commendable ...

  2. Hello, dearest friend!!!! So sweet words you wrote me, Dorota!!! I wanna let you know I am happy for your friendship, sweet Dorota! Sorry for my absence, friend, I have been sewing a lot and then I have little time to visit my blogfriends.
    Have a pretty week, dear! Kisses!!! Kiss Amelia for me!!! Bela.



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